VuFi Meme Competition Winners

The results are in from our recent meme competition!

We had a huge turnout, and the response was extraordinary.

There were some hilarious memes that we loved so much it was tough coming up with only three for your viewing pleasure.

Just a quick reminder of how much $VUFIS is up for grabs:

1st Place: $2500 worth of VUFIS
2nd Place: $1750 worth of VUFIS
3rd Place: $750 worth of VUFIS


3: @Justinbuterin

2: @ikankembung11

1: @janglii3

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing for the meme competition. The winners will soon receive a DM confirming their winnings and the next steps, and please donโ€™t forget that we appreciate all of these wonderful submissions!



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